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    I enjoy hacking. I love the hacker culture.

  • Experience

    Software Engineer, at Apple Inc

    February 2016 - Present

    Do great things in Special Projects

    Software Engineering Intern, at Apple Inc

    June 2015 - September 2015

    As an intern with the Xcode and Swift team, I'm not only involved with creating tools to help Apple developers create the next great app, I get to work with and provide feedback to shape the course of Swift, Apple's new, next generation programming language. The work this team does affects every software platform at Apple from iOS, to Mac OS, to apps.

    Key Qualifications:
    - Objective-C
    - Swift
    - C languages
    - Python

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    June 2014 - December 2014

    FireStop is a cloud-based response software that enables firefighters to leverage critical data in real time when responding to emergencies. FireStop significantly reduces firefighting response and operation time to better protect lives and property through data collection, mobile software and analytics.

    I'm responsible for iOS development. We want to arm firefighters with iPads and real-time data.

  • Brace Yourself

  • My talk in the conference.

    I gave a talk on IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems 2014. It's the world's top robotics conference.


    My talk is about trajectories optimization of flapping wings in insects flight. We explain how insect use flight muscles to tune wing kinematics, and propose a novel principle that allows for design simplifications of insect robots.


    You can download the paper here - Trajectory Optimization of Flapping Wings Modeled as a Three Degree-of-Freedoms Oscillation System

  • Humanoid Walking

    The algorithm is based on Zero-Moment-Point.

  • 600+ Hackers, October 2015

    • Implemented a fast prototyping iOS app with Swift.
    • Enabled user to fast positioning UI components (UILabel, UIImageView...) at design mode by dragging, pinching gesture.
    • Enabled use to run their prototype immediately in the app.
    • Enabled user to create portfolio for every different app design.
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    1000+ Hackers, September 2014

    • Leaftagger is a powerful framework to get feedback from users directly in the native iOS app. It ultimately enables developers to iterate and launch product quicker.
    • Leaftagger allows developers to communicate with their users through your app without more messy emails back and forward.
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    1200+ Hackers, September 2014

    • O2 is the world's first fully integrated Bitcoin payment/reward API which can be implemented by one-line of code.
    • O2 is a tool for companies and developers to reward users for achievements. This not only increases user retention, but also increases the companies’ and developer’s popularity and revenue.
    • Our mission is to reward users for what they do on a daily basis.
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    500+ Hackers, August 2014

    • Designed an iOS app to help people quickly discover and plans meals for diverse dietary needs.
    • Utilized Kimono to turn recipes and cookbooks websites into structured APIs.
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    1300+ Hackers,  April 2014

    • Created WiseVoice, an iOS app that makes it easy to record an audio and accurately convert your audio into searchable text.
    • Implemented an algorithm to understand human languages, perform keyword extraction and automatically index the most important parts of the recording.
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    500+ Hackers, March 2014

    • Created mobile-based SmartCar, a system to improve safety in older cars not already equipped with modern accident-avoidance technology.
    • Designed four sub-systems: a turn-by-turn navigation sub-system, a lane departure warning sub-system, a collision avoidance sub-system, a dash-cam sub-system.
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    500+ Hackers,  February 2014

    • Made the world’s first Facial Recognition + Augmented Reality iOS game. 
    • Implemented an algorithm to achieve multi-faces recognition.
    • Designed the augmented reality where the player could control the penguin in the game to interact with humans in the live camera video view.
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    50+ Hackers,  February 2014

    • Built EasyCards, an iOS app that makes business cards digital, allowing users to design their own business cards in minutes and share cards in seconds.
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    1200+ Hackers,  January 2014

    • Developed an iOS app that utilized Apple iBeacon technology to allow peer to nearby multi-peer instant information sharing (text, image or Evernote notes).
    • Greatly simplified the sharing process into just one button press, without having to input any information of recipients (maximum: 600 recipients at the same time).
  • The world we live in is dynamic.

  • OTHER Software project

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    September 2014

    • YQParse is another Parse iOS SDK totally based on REST API.
    • YQParse lets you interact Parse.com with a HTTP request, including saving objects and retrieving objects.
    • You probably need YQParse, only when you need to build your own static SDK which requires a backend. For the most time, you don't need to use it. Just downloading the official Parse iOS SDK works.
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    July 2014

    • Developed YO iOS SDK to send a YO with a single line of code.
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    July 2013 – June 2015

    • Created a business model inspired by Groupon: if a certain number of people sign up for the Groupon offer, then the deal becomes available to all and restaurants deliver the food to predetermined locations at fixed times.
    • Successfully made the number of active daily users grow up to 200.
    • Cooperated with local restaurants in West Lafayette and brought about more than $10,000 every month.
  • Know a good idea when you see it.


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    The University of Chicago


    Master's Degree, Computer Science

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    Purdue University


    Master's Degree, Mechanical Engineering

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    Shanghai Jiao Tong University


    Bachelor's Degree, Mechanical Engineering

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    GitHub: @yiqin

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